The history of La Roseraie

La Roseraie is a historic house in Neuville-de-Poitou that has been part of the town’s urban landscape for a very long time. This house, originally designed by and for the Rozé family, tells its whole story on its facade and the details of its architecture. With the letter “R” from the first owner family drawn above the entrance, the flowers engraved around the windows, this house has floral details that make it a cheerful and sunny house.

Here are some addresses


La planète aux crocodiles

La Vallée des singes

Géants du Ciel

Marais Poitevin


SPA Source La Roche Posay

La Rochelle

Vélo Rail Chauvigny

Welcome, I’m Julie, owner of the Roseraie and originally from this territory. I know it and I live it every day. I walk the streets of my town always with the same happiness.

I work with local traders and artisans. Of course coming to our beautiful region, you will be tempted to visit Futuroscope, the Valley of the Monkeys, the Neuville Oil Mill, walk in the historic city of Poitiers, have lunch at the table of Bellefois. And you will be right, because all this is really worth the detour!

Passionate about old things, in love with unusual places and local gastronomy, I also suggest a few other addresses.

Small places, unknown places, informal meetings … Escape for a few moments to visit rue des Antiquaires, just at the end of rue Armand Caillard. In this alley hides Mr. Aldebert and his 1000 treasures to bargain-hunt, scattered in several houses. A delight for all lovers of old objects. Don’t forget to take a detour to the market on Thursday and Sunday mornings in the square, to taste a good piece of fresh cheese or to bite into a seasonal fruit.

On the side of Poitiers, enjoy a wonderful dish at “L’essentiel according to Pierrick”, Grand ’rue, Observe the stacks of beautiful mottles mottled at” Jasmin et Citronnelle “, rue Gambetta. Order a hot coffee on a terrace at the Place de la Mairie.

Take the time, above all, to savor the passing life!

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